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User eXperience & Trusted Claims for UMA – New presentations!

July 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Our colleague Domenico Catalano has just finished his stay at Newcastle University. During his stay Domenico has given two presentations – one on Exploring Visualization Techniques to Enhance Privacy Control UX for User-Managed Access and the other on Extending the UMA Protocol to support Trusted Claims.

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SMARTAM with History log and Access Requests log

We have just launched a new release of SMARTAM at Apart from fixing a few bugs, this release comes with two brand new features:

  • History log
  • Access requests log

History log is a list enabling you to see who accessed your resources and when. This way you are given even more control over protection of your resources and you are always able to follow what happens to your data. The other feature – Access requests – is a list of notifications from your friends who have heard about your data (e.g. newly uploaded photos) and have sent you a request to be able to access this data. You can then easily grant access to the requested data (according to your preferences!) instantly as this feature is located in the sidebar on almost all the pages of SMARTAM. This way you will be always sure that you didn’t missed anybody while setting security and privacy settings for your resources! Read more to see example screenshots!

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Using Microsoft Surface for UMA

The User Experience study that the team has recently begun aims to achieve few things. We want to see how average Web users perceive UMA itself and if they are willing to use a new system for access management of their Web resources. Moreover, we want to know what users expect from such a system in terms of its functionality. However, what is most important, we want to know user’s expectations in terms of the system’s usability. Yes, usability is the key. We’ve already seen various functional and extremelly flexible solutions to access control (for Web resources). But combining flexibility with usability is not always easy. Our team tends to have lots of really good ideas when developing software for UMA, but it’s always the user who picks which ones of these ideas are actually worth pursuing.

Today, we had a chance to test our prototype Authorization Manager using Microsoft Surface. Yes, that’s right – we used it to define sharing settings for Web resources;) Microsoft Surface allows to use the NUI – Natural User Interface where users interact with the machine by touching or dragging their fingertips and objects across the screen, or by placing and moving these placed objects.

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SMART User Experience Study is open

July 17, 2010 1 comment

We are happy to announce that SMART Authorization Manager (SMART AM) is ready for its first public evaluation. It’s exciting to finally get to this step where you can actually show your system to others and gather some useful feedback.

Our app is available at Drop us an email and we’ll provide you with the necessary credentials. You can also find the flyer here.

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Policy support at the Authorization Manager

The SMART project has implemented a fully functional prototype software for the UMA protocol. We have developed the Authorization Manager (smartam), two exemplar Hosts (smartgallery and smartfs) and a Requester Web application (smartfetch). We’ve developed all the applications in Java with the use of such frameworks as Spring, Spring MVC, Apache CXF, Hibernate, and others. Our prototype AM and Hosts can be used by the Authorizing User and the Requester can be used by Requesting Parties. If you feel like you’re not familiar with this terminology or you’re not sure about the purpose of each component of the UMA eco-system then definitely check out the UMA 1.0 Core Protocol specification.

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Evaluating the User Experience

June 29, 2010 2 comments

We’ve been recently trying to evaluate the UX of the proposed Authorization Manager and other components of the UMA eco-system. One of the MSc students from Newcastle University, Iain Carter, has prepared a questionnaire and will be evaluating the UX of our prototype AM. We’re looking for some volunteers that want to participate in this preliminary study so if you want to provide some feedback or you just want to criticise what we’ve done then drop us an email and we’ll refer you to Iain.

Below are some screenshots of what you’d be evaluating:

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