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SMARTAM v2.0 – Public Beta

May 27, 2011

SMARTAM v2.0 (http://www.smartam.net) is a user-managed authorisation manager for aggregating, sharing and protecting your online data. It allows you to register any kinds of Web resources (e.g. documents, photos, videos, etc) and share them with people from the contact list. As a user of the authorisation manager you can store various resources at different Web applications, in this version: Facebook, Picasa, and Gallerify.me!.  Then, you can share these pictures by defining who can access them. All in one place, using a simple and friendly UI!

The current version of the SMARTAM application  it is integrated with Gallerify.me! – an online photo gallery service and, as such, it allows you to protect and share your photos. What you can do is store your photos at gallerify.me (or Picasa and Facebook!). Then, by simply clicking on the ‘share’ button, you can set up sharing permissions and choose contacts form your Facebook list. It’s that simple! Others can then access your photos (in a secure way!) using the Gallerify.me application. However, they can also use external applications, such as Smartfetch. Or they can even build their own applications against the Gallerify.me Web API.

You can find out more here. We very much appreciate your feedback – in case you find any bugs or would if you’d like to suggest new features and improvements – let us know by using the built-in feedback system (provided by BetaEasy) or by sending us an email at smart <at> ncl.ac.uk

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